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“And how shall they preach unless they be sent, as it is written: How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, of them that bring glad tidings of good things!”

Romans 10:15

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How to Be Fruitful (1) (John 15:1-17)

Title: How to Be Fruitful (1)Scripture: John 15:1-17 Introduction When Jesus said, “I chose you...that you might...bear fruit-fruit that will last.” He was saying, “Spend your life in pursuit of that which has lasting significance and value! What does He mean by...

Christmas 2021

Title: Christmas 2021 Scripture: Nehemiah 8:9  Message:   1The word holiday comes from the Old English word haligdaeg, which means “holy day”.   So, when Nehemiah announced, “This day is holy,” he was declaring a celebration; a time to “eat and drink before the...

Halloween (Romans 14:1-9)

Title: Halloween Scripture: Romans 14:1-9 Message This time of year is unlike any other in many respects. Every shopping center and grocery store is filled with all sorts of candy, costumes and colorful decorations. In a few short days children will parade up and down...